My family has been buying Mac's since I no longer do their Windows tech support. Now I'm Apple Tech support. Can't win.

Do what you love, and the money will come…

That was the title of a book I read once, while working towards a programming degree, and working full time as a manager of a retail flooring store. Needless to say, I hated my job. While doing the programming thing I got into designing user interfaces for the programs that I and my lab partners were creating. I was hooked. I changed my major, started taking design classes. I left the flooring business, and with my wifes support, 5 years later I have the job most people would love to have. I currently work from home (I walk 10 steps to my office from my bedroom) and get paid very well for my design services. I also do some programming, as I do enjoy that as well, but graphic design is what I enjoy the most.
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