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Learn a new language. Let’s see, Italian….Japanese….

Well, I took I don’t know how many years of Spanish (I grew up in Southern California where you had to in school), but damned if I remember very much of it now.

I really want to learn Japanese, as I would like to visit there again, and at least be able to communicate.

Italian, on the other hand, is a language I would like to learn because my Grandfather spoke it (he spoke 5 others), but I never really got it. Except for the curse words. Go figure. aren’t those the ones you don’t forget.

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One Response to “Learn a new language. Let’s see, Italian….Japanese….”

  1. The Italian and Japanese languages can be very advantageous, prestigeous and influential to learn. Especially since one day your wife may want you to take her to italy for a romantic second honeymoon. On the other hand, who doesnt want to go to Pride fight and be able to communicate to the locals about UFC?