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Illustration at a whole new level…

If you are into any type of technical type illustration, then you really should check out Kevin Hulsey Technical Illustration. The illustrations Kevin does, just makes me say Wow… He also has some nice tutorials as well. He has an amazing illustration of a cruise ship done in illustrator and photoshop that you just have to see.

Kevin Hulsey

I mean how do you spend 960 hours on an illustration. Dang, that’s what I call dedication, and I guess thats why he is so damn good. Makes me feel like I draw with crayons. Now if I could just stay in the lines.

Another great site is that of Bert Monroy. He calls his photo realism. 15000 layers in photoshop! 2000 hours…

Damen By Bert Monroy
If I spent that long on a illustration, my wife would divorce me.