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Category: Wordpress

Blank WordPress Themes

January 23rd, 2012

A nice listing of “blank and bare” wordpress themes to give you a clean slate that enable you to create your own theme. Take a look at this post from Speckyboy, as well.

Also, one that I’ve used in the past is Starker, from Elliot Jay Stocks

Create your own shortened urls

August 17th, 2009

I’ve been trying out a few of the shortened url scripts out there for the last week or so. I’ve tried out the Short URL WordPress plugin. I’ve also looked at, which is available as both as a standalone script, and a WordPress plugin.

Today, Shaun Inman, of Fever and Mint fame, released his home brewed goodness Lessn.

Lessn is a standalone personal url shortener written in php and mysql. Set up is simple, just create a database, plug in the database connection information and then upload the /lessn/ directory to your site. Lessn allows you to create shortened urls used in twitter as well as bookmarklets.