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Free WordPress Themes!

Everyone loves free stuff, and with the popularity of the WordPress blog publishing platform, WordPress themes abound on the internet. Just Google “WordPress themes” and see how many results come up (I currently get results of over 60 million)., being the awesome web hosting company that they are, offers their hosting customers easy setup of the WordPress blog publishing platform through Fantastico, and through their blog, Lunartics, they offer free WordPress templates as well.

Green Theme Blue Theme Black Theme

Their first offering, “Green Theme”, was such a hit, that they aske me to create some new themes and create new graphics for some wordpress themes for them. The themes currently offered are not total from the ground up new themes. They are basically just graphical reskins of the “Green Theme” that they offer. More full wordpress themes and graphic reskins are projects in the works. is a great web hosting company. If you are looking for reliable and affordable web hosting, be sure to check them out, I’ve been happily hosting with them for over 2 years now. Right now I have teamed up with Lunarpages to offer you $25 off any 12 or 24 month hosting plan. This includes their Basic, Business or Windows hosting plans.

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  1. Green is awesome.