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One on one with Eric Meyers

Lunarpages own Amy Armitage gets the scoop with “CSS Guru” Eric Meyer.

Eric Meyer on CSS More Eric Meryer on CSS

I decided to hit up Eric for an interview, but not one filled with only the geekspeak that web designers and developers can relate to. This was going to be an investigative story.. asking the hard questions…

Just as I’m fervent about web hosting and ensuring our hosting plans have a kind and loving owner who doesn’t abuse the server ;), Eric is well regarded and respected for his passionate advocacy when it comes to web standards, particularly Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

But what don’t we know about Eric?

Did you know that Eric detests the taste of chocolate and coffee, and can’t stand carbonated fluids? That’s right, his entire career, and indeed his life, has been conducted entirely without the use of highly or even moderately caffeinated beverages.


I even got to ask him a few questions. Read the rest at Lunartics, the blog.

2 Responses to “One on one with Eric Meyers”

  1. Hey Todd, I was a surprised with how well the interview went. Were you guys expecting Eric to be so friendly and responsive?
    He seems like a cool guy

  2. Actually, Amy met him at Webmaster Jam Session last year. He is a pretty down to earth guy from what I understand.