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The way I see it….

I do contract work for a large web hosting company in Southern California, and often do miscellaneous small jobs that interest me.
I have often run into prospective clients who, upon recieving a bid from me for design or development services, say something to the effect “Well my neighbors cousins sons girlfriends brother says they can do it for cheaper, they have [insert name of any WYSIWYG Editor/ Graphics program] and know Photoshop”. I try and contain my need to laugh, and thank them and I go on my way. Does this mean if I buy a bunch of Craftsmen mechanics tools, I can call myself a mechanic.

I think not.

I have learned, that as a designer, I must provide a explanation of how my design/development will best benefit the client. If I can sell them on the benefits, the cost doesn’t necesarily need to be an issue.

I no longer do sites for friends, family or friend of a friend, unless they understand that this is my job. When I get the question “Well couldn’t you do it for cheaper?”, I ask them “if you went to work tomorrow and your boss asked you to work for less than your normal pay is, would you do it?

I think not.

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  1. Amen to your thoughts!! Im not taking a pay cut, Im already underpaid- and this fact is not just my opinion. i searched national database for my career field, and because i do not live in New York or LA, our scale is very much below the average. ITs always held a bit of irony that in our capacity we manage 100+ million in sales- so even within a %1 or less margin of error we are talking about 100k. With this in mind imagine negotiating a %2.5 raise…. what might be the motivation if the raise isnt secured… Pay people what they are worth.

  2. Amen indeed. I have found that you enjoy your day, as well as your job, when you aren’t spending it doing something you dread. And as you well know, it helps to be good ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The Alter Ego pic looks alot like Jeremy in a red beanie- (Sheila from Deer VAlley, AZ)

  4. It’s also oh so nice to work from the house. Especially since gas is rising towards $3 or more a gallon.

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