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New Social Networking Community –

There’s a nice write up from Amy Armitage on a great new community I belong to called

Social marketing is all the rage right now and after joining MyBlogLog I met a guy named Aaron Ponce who is creating a new community and it’s really cool. I asked him some questions about the project and figured I’d give it a mention on the blog..

About MSP.. is a search engine friendly, online community and social network for bloggers, web designers, developers and various types of artists. It gives its members the opportunity to brand themselves through a personalized profile page in which they can promote their businesses or services, as well as their talents and interests, while gaining recognition amongst other like minds. Although was intended to be used by web marketing professionals, we welcome all persons interested in the offerings of this site.

MySiteProfile allows members to actively participate in the networking and self- promotion process through various features.

Read the rest of the article at Lunatics – Lunarpages Web Hosting blog.

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  1. Wow that amy chick is awesome 😉

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