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Got Skillz?

I wasn’t going to post anything regarding the redesign contest. I figured everyone in the know, already knew. Seems like every design related blog had already posted information regarding the contest.

Well, it seems now the BBC has announced their version of the “Reboot” contest. Only this time they are not going to actually use the winning design as their final one.

bbc redesign

“I think it’s worth pointing out from the very beginning that we are not asking people to provide million £ rebranding for us. Indeed we are NOT going to use or commission any designs for the final front page. Yes, we will turn the winning design into the homepage for a day – but that’s as a prize and as recognition for the winning producer’s efforts (and if they really don’t want us to, then we won’t). “

They must have seen the harsh words from many a professional designer who posted to Slashdot about their own contest. Seems that many think that a $4500 laptop is a bit on the lowside of the payment scale for a redesign of such a high traffic site as Slashdot. Slashdot doesn’t even try to defend this. I guess the so-called prestige of having redesigned Slashdot should be reward enough.

Sorry, but no thanks.

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