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Clean up Myspace

If you’ve been to MySpace, you have seen some of the worst the web has to offer. I have some friends who had asked me about a cleaner looking alternative to all the crap that is MySpace. So I started investigating how it was put together, how hard was it gonna be to clean up the toxic waste that was MySpace design.

I then stumbled on Mike Davidsons blog. Mike has painstakingly deciphered MySpace and its infinite table tags and come up with a nice piece of css you can use to clean your own MySpace page.

How to hack your way to a more tasteful MySpace profile. Hopefully, my many hours of weeding will save you from having to fully examine the bowels of this beast. I’m providing my CSS file, fully commented, along with image files to use as templates for your own profiles. I do ask that you don’t use my exact theme but hopefully I’m providing you enough so that a few minutes in Photoshop is all you need to produce something you’re proud of.

I was able to make this page close to the look and feel of If you are into MySpace, it might be something worth checking out.

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