My family has been buying Mac's since I no longer do their Windows tech support. Now I'm Apple Tech support. Can't win.

Fix Burn in on 24″ iMac

I stepped away from my computer at lunch, for about an hour, not thinking that I was going to come back to ghosted/burned in images on my screen.

Apparently this is somewhat common when the brightness is set high and an image is static for a long period of time.

Technically the image isn’t “burned in”, but just that

the liquid crystals sort of “set up” in a pattern when they are exposed to a constant charge to orient them a particular way (e.g. to change them to a particular value). Basically, the molecules stack together like pick-up sticks.

I found a couple of links along with a little app to help clean it up:

Apple Support Link

Avoiding image persistence on Apple LCD Displays

smcFanControl 2.1

So if you are having this problem as well, I suggest checking your brightness level and download smcFanControl. Worked great for me to clear up this issue. I am also making sure my screensaver is set as well as power saving settings for the lcd.

2 Responses to “Fix Burn in on 24″ iMac”

  1. Well my screen saver comes on and had lock (from my lil bro) every few mins so 😀

    And I don’t get off it very often so when I do and don’t make it back before the screen saver comes on it means that I’m most likely gonna be out for a while ^^

    Links like these are always useful though thanks 😀

    My mac has been goin a bit slow recently… I did a software update but can’t tell as yet if its back to normal… 🙁

    I got lots of HD space about 150gb left internal and maxed out ram… I’m a bit scared

  2. I would check to see what programs are opening on startup. I found a few programs in my startup that didn’t need to be there.