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7 Great Places for Free and Cheap Icons

I am always being asked where to get the best icons, or where did I find the icons I used on some project. The answer depends on what the project is.

Is it web based?

Who is the audience?

What style or impression are you going for?

The answer to these and other questions will dictate the type and style of icons, and fonts for that matter, that are used for a particular project.

Below I have gathered links to many of the icons sets I like and have used in past projects. May are free sets, but some will cost you a little dough.

One in particular, which I use often, IconBuffet, has a type of token trade system for icons as well as a store to buy icons.


FamFamFam Silk Icons – Free


Icon Buffet – Some sets are free


IconFactory – Some sets are free


nDesign Studio Icons
– Some nice inexpensive sets by Nick La


Icon Drawer – Some sets are free


Mezzoblue Chalkwork – Great set of icons from Dave Shea


IconShoppe – Some simple icons from Dan Cederholm of


Ok, actually I’m going to give you more than just 7, because Smashing Magazine has also listed links to free icons around the web: