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Progress, not Perfection

I worked on and uploaded a new theme last night. Till about midnight to be exact.

“Progress is a much better goal than perfection”

I’ve worked on this layout it seems forever, tweaking this, moving that. The previous theme was really getting old to me, it has only been up for 2 years, but I have always wanted to do more with it. Unfortunately due to time restraints and working on client projects, that just doesn’t seem to be happening. I guess it’s better to have too much work than not enough.

So in hopes of motivating me to work more on it, I present to you, for your consideration: Design Reverb 3.0.

2 Responses to “Progress, not Perfection”

  1. Wonderful stuff.I’m loving the style and the subtlety.
    Have you had much trouble with the widgetized themes as you go?

    Man, you could eat that fortune cookie it looks so tasty.

  2. Actually I’m not using any widgets on this theme.

    The “Popular Posts” section is a plugin, but at the moment its not working correctly. The update for the plugin screwed up the whole thing, So for now it is a manual process.