My family has been buying Mac's since I no longer do their Windows tech support. Now I'm Apple Tech support. Can't win.

Goin Retro…

I saw this today and just have to have it. Not only a handset, but hey, its a weapon too!


“Yeah, we know all about bluetooth headsets for cell phones, but forget that stuff! We have here the latest development in cell phone technology and it’s a big hunk of beautiful plastic. An accessory for your phone that you can really grab onto. Something with heft and that good-old-American solid construction feel – like a 1972 Cadillac.”

See it now at

2 Responses to “Goin Retro…”

  1. The cell phone accessory above looks familiar- do they sell that at wal -mart?

  2. No, Walmart doesn’t have them, but Big Lots might. lol